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April 2019
text: The Most Useful Web Services to Optimize Your Privacy Online
There’s something to be said for fighting fire with fire, especially when you don’t have any other choice. In this case, the ...
April 2019
text: What Doxxing Is and How to Avoid It
It’s hard to describe to members of the pre-internet generation how different life was before the World Wide Web changed ever...
April 2019
text: Common Types of Cyberattacks and How to Avoid Them
Cybercrime is proving an increasingly costly drain on the global economy. Research indicates that cyber attacks could cost co...
March 2019
text: How to Prevent, Spot, and Avoid Spear Phishing Attacks
Most of us are somewhat familiar with common email scams and have likely received fairly questionable messages asking for our...
February 2019
text: How to Best Keep Your Personal Information Private When Using Social Media
There are likely millions of people who practice safe, common sense, shrewd personal security: We never use “password” for ou...
February 2019
text: How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
It’s undoubtedly no surprise to anyone reading this, but identity theft is still a huge problem. It victimizes millions of pe...
January 2019
text: How to Avoid Being Fooled by Phishing Scams
With great convenience, and virtually fathomless access to information, entertainment, and ecommerce, comes great risks. That...
January 2019
text: Why You Should Care About Your Business’s Online Reputation and What You Can Do About It
While it’s a fantastic understatement to point out that the internet has changed the world of commerce, sometimes the differe...
January 2019
text: Online Privacy Concerns You Might Not Have Considered
The issue of internet privacy and security is increasingly shifting from a fingers-crossed “it won’t happen to me” dynamic to...
December 2018
text: Privacy Issues and Mistakes That Can Make Your Life Far More Difficult and Get You Fired
With the recent wave of high-profile data breaches, business hacks, private information dumps, and financial network intrusio...
October 2018
text: What Exactly Do Data Brokers Know About You?
Data brokers collect and store personal information on nearly every U.S. consumer. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimat...
September 2018
text: How to Delete Your Personal Information from the Internet—for Free
We’ve all heard the horror stories of what can happen when the wrong people get their hands on your personal information: fal...
August 2018
text: The Billion Dollar Industry You Know Next to Nothing About
There is an entire industry out there committed to gathering and selling your personal information. They operate with almost ...
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